Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have always had a taste for the slightly sadistic, so a career in femdom suits me like a fine latex play-suit. At 28 I am well situated in my chosen profession. My body is built for sin at 5'11 and 130lbs with a generous breasts and hips. Corseted it is a perfect hour glass showing off my 24 inch waist and flat stomach. I have a fantastic shoe addiction that ranges from 4 to 8 inch heels on my sandals, pumps and boots. I do love looking down at my slaves from the height of 6'7. I have sable colored hair falling straight to my waist and bangs that fringe over green eyes. I normally do a dramatic make-up and finish with a crimson red lipstick to accentuate accentuate my full, perfect, tantalising lips. When I add catlike black eyeliner and long full eyelashes my exotic beauty shines like patent leather.

I tend to prefer leather and latex to show off my assets in cup-less corsettes, intricately laced dresses, as well as bra and thong sets. I do not shave my beautiful pussy but I like keep it closely trimmed and well maintained. The rest of my body is perfectly waxed and smooth. I speak with a lower voice and possess a soft southern drawl as I am a lady in all things. I expect my slaves to call me "My Lady," "Mistress," or "Goddess." I am a harsh task mistress but making me smile brings one  great satisfaction.  

I was doing an out-call and this particular slave was a loyal phone slut. During our initial sessions he had said that he had a 10 inch rubber dong with which to fuck his ass. He had screamed like a virgin on prom night when I had vocally sodomized him repeatedly so I had gagged him, or at least that was what he had inferred. So, I had instructed him on the phone to have his toys at the ready for my inspection when I arrived at his home. When I asked to see them, he only had a single, tiny 4 inch dildo. I was disgusted with his incompetence and insolence. He began to make excuses as to where his toys had gone. Rather like "the dog ate my homework" in my opinion. Refusing to entertain his lies any further, I got up to leave allowing him to see my amazing ass encased in patent leather as I started for the door and he began to beg. "Mistress Lucretia, what must I do to be allowed to worship?" 

I looked over my shoulder and said "Crawl you lying maggot." He was on his hands and knees on black granite tiles as I hissed through my clenched teeth, "Lower you pathetic piece of rat excrement. You have mislead me for the last time." He dropped to his stomach with the icy rock shrinking his already minuscule cock and almost slithered to me. I turned around and stopped him just short of my over the knee, patent leather boot as he puckered his lips to kiss the toe. I set my heel on his neck with my hands on my hips and instructed, "Don't you ever waste my time again you useless bag of skin and shit. Your punishment will be severe so that you understand the value of a Mistress like me." 

I allowed him belly crawl to the kitchen with orders to bring me the cooking implements. Using my elegant pale fingers emblazoned with perfectly manicured red nails,  I chose a wooden spoon that was slightly rounded but heavy and roughened from years of use. For his insolence I began to spank the head of his pathetic tiny cock. He was in shock for a few moments and then he began to respond with whimpers of pleasure. I then proceeded to tell him that this could be the last time he ever laid eyes on me for his lies and the disappointing, to say the least, size of his cock. I then bent him over an overstuffed leather chair and made him spread his ass cheeks. I unmercifully beat his balls and he wailed in pain. I had him pick up his dirty underwear and stuff them in his mouth in place of  the gag he had sworn he was using during our interactions. I beat his ass with the spoon until it was broken and informed him he was lucky I didn't sodomize him with the broken handle. 

At this point in the evening he thought he was ready for release. Being a wise Mistress, I decide when my slaves are ready and ignore feeble pleas for mercy. He was not to cum until I called him from my home about 4 hours later. During our phone conversation I instructed him to buy each and every piece of equipment he had earlier lied about owning.  He is a regular to this very day. When I allow him to worship me, we still use kitchen implements.

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