Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In my line of work, as you imagine, I encounter a lot of people in strange places at strange times. I have met my doctor at the fetish shop. He was in a leather hood speaking to his wife about how she would be punished when they arrived home. Professionally I know all kinds of people and I enslave whom that I pick and choose.  But, as one must to survive in the square world, I am constantly watching and listening because secrets are the magic that makes the torture rack go 'round.

On a normal shopping day, I am dressed in civilian attire with a pony tail and a giant pair of sunglasses. Unless I speak I am generally undetectable. Comfortable jeans, a baby-doll t-shirt, a bitch bag and 4-inch heels even on a casual day. I was at the vet with my cat for a check-up when the receptionist called "Cat 9 Tails" for his appointment. When she asked  "Is this the patient?" and I responded "Yes but I call him Whip." an older gentleman sat up a little straighter in his chair and when I looked him in the eye, he winked and looked at the floor in submission. He's been my slave for years.

One of most unique relationships is with a police officer pet that I shall call Eugene. He is a tatted up piece of rough-trade that is short at best and is carrying slightly more than a few pounds. He is loud and boisterous when he is on duty but most docile behind a ball gag. He came to me with terrible erectile dysfunction several years ago. As so often is the case, a hyper-masculine in a power of position, needs a little surrender in their life to keep a balance. He is married with 6 boys and rules his house with an iron fist. He carries a gun on his hip that can shoot true at any time, yet the one in his pants is a mere dud. What he needs is a thundering velvet hand to soothe the savage beast. That is my position in his life.

During our first session, I had made it completely clear that I did not care for the abundance of hair on his body as I subjugated him. On his second visit, when he disrobed for what he thought would be a foot worship session, he remained covered in thick black hair. To punish him for being disobedient, I had my houseboy wax his back, balls and crack. Ring takes care of all of the duties regarding my home and my person that I require day to day. I trust him to take care of any of these duties for myself because it is his profession, but this was the first forced maintenance of the slaves.

Within the confines of the process of waxing of my new pet, we discovered that he is somewhat of a pain-slut. As the hair was ripped from his back he achieved an erection for the first time in 2 years. "Oh holy shit Mistress, look what you've done to me! Come and ride this cock like the bitch you are!" he shouted at me. With an erection he forgot his role in the relationship. I calmly looked into his wild eyes and stated "Know your role you limp dicked girlie boy." I walked behind him and inserted a inflatable butt plug deep into his ever so tight asshole and began to stretch him for his training that was to begin in the third session. Things needed to progress faster than I planned because the blood moved from the large head with reasoning abilities to the smaller one who possesses a much lower skill set. I needed to regain and remain in control. I achieved this by  pegging his ass and gagging his mouth.

In the progression down his spine toward his ape like ass crack he began to beg for release through  his gag. Of course I denied this knowing that the hair removal from his fat balls would be the nearest to nirvana that he had ever been in his life. I inflated the plug a bit more so that he groaned and slightly struggled as I manipulated it in his ass. His surrender to me would be complete and today.  As the area was readied, I reminded him why this was happening to him. "If and when you can obey when I am not present, then I can entrust these things to you. Unless and until you can trust me to be obedient in all things, then I must force your compliance." I could see the pulse in his neck quicken as I said "force" therefore it must be invoked sparingly. I must use it to reward him when he deserves a special treat.

As I removed the implement from his ass and he moaned like a whore. I roughly worked it in and out for a moment whilst telling him "Your asshole is disgusting. This must be corrected so I can fuck you like a proper slave."  At that point, Ring applied the substance to his overgrown asshole. His eyes glazed over and his mouth became slack around the ball-gag. His pulse was racing and I was quite sure he couldn't hear me with his heart pounding in his ears. This was the precipice for building our trust. I was not about to say "This won't hurt a bit," as I knew from personal experience this was simply not the truth. But I did lovingly touch his meat hook sized hand with my soft and smaller one to let him understand he was not alone. He had an audible exhale and I nodded to Ring.

At the jerking away of the muslin, tears began to flow from the officers eyes and his cock was swollen and twitching. I informed the slave that soon I would allow his release as he turned onto his back and spread his legs like a bitch in heat. I stated "This is for your own good Eugene. Remember how this all feels." Again he was trying to talk behind his gag. I of course ridiculed his inability to speak. Do remember, I am a dominatrix.

Ring actually had to apply talc to his balls twice due to his insepid sweating and quickly spread the hot, sticky wax over his entire scrotum whilst holding the tip of his uncircumsized cock in his teeth. He used three muslins to adhere to the wax and, with my assistance, we removed them fast and hard at one time. He screamed his pleasure around that gag like only a natural born pain whore will do in these situations. He thought perhaps I would have the houseboy finsh him with his mouth, Unfortunately, he was mistaken as I only allowed the pathetic slave to gratify himself as I rewarded him by licking the tears from his face. That was almost 3 years ago and he is now waxed from his neck to his toes.

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